Applying for a mini loan at Green Valley Cash is the fastest way to get access to cash. We are direct lenders and can approve you instantly. In most cases there is no need to fax in any documents and no traditional credit checks are done. Apply now for a hassle free mini loan and get instant approval.

“Falling behind on bills ? Apply & Get up to $500 now!.”

  1. Not everyone will qualify for a loan of up to $500.
  2. You should receive an instant answer whether you qualify for a loan or not based upon the information you provided to us. We will verify this information.
  3. In some cases faxing documents to us might be required.
  4. We will not do traditional credit checks with TransUnion, Equifax or Experion that will affect your credit score. We do however use other databases to verify information you provide to us.
  5. We accept loan applications 24/7 365 days a year even during holidays. Please keep in mind that we can neither deposit funds nor verify information during public holidays.
  6. During public holidays we cannot deposit funds into your account. Next business day means when banks and the federal reserve are open for business.
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Get up to $500 in 5 easy steps:

  1. Create your personal account
  2. Fill in our 3 minute application
  3. Sign your loan agreement
  4. Call 1-800-501-3006 to verify information
  5. Customer service will call you with the decision